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You may or may not have heard of Zurvita products. But if you look after your health, you may have been exposed to these products through a friend. And that friend probably signed up to make some extra money on the side or to perhaps start a home business that would give him a more flexible lifestyle. In this Zurvita MLM review, I’ll take a closer look at these products to help you decide if this is something that can help you achieve the same thing. So let’s get started.

What is Zurvita MLM?

Zurvita is a multi-level company (MLM) that was founded by Jay Shafer, Mark Jarvis and Tracy Jarvis in January 2008. The company is based out of Houston, Texas and their mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle by providing health and wellness products that are sold directly to the public. These products are sold throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico through Independent Consultants.

Are Zurvita’s Products Worth Their Price?

Zurvita Mlm-Zeal Canister

If you like nutritional supplement products, there’s a pretty impression lineup here. Zurvita’s core product is called Zeal. This is an all-in-one nutritional supplement in the form of a powder that you can add to water or juice or a shake. It contains nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins. This product has a lot of ingredients that you can actually pronounce but the ingredients are not organic. It comes in four different flavors: Kiwi Watermelon, Mango, Lemon Lime, and Wild Berry. This particular product is not gluten free or vegan but Zurvita does have a vegan product called the Zeal Vegan formula that comes in three flavors: Tropic Dream, Wild Berry and Bold Grape.

Zurvita Mlm - Zeal Ingredients

This 30-serving product retails for $54.95 and claims to “reduce stress and increase productivity.” Zurvita claims that they source raw ingredients from all over the world and that the nutrients occur naturally. Some products are fortified with vitamins that are not naturally contained in the ingredients.


Zurvita Performance Products

Zeal is just one of many products in their catalog. Besides nutritional products, other products include performance products targeted to people who are into exercise and fitness. These products will set you back a few bucks especially if you want to buy the kits.

So what makes these products so special that they warrant such high prices? The main selling point here is “natural ingredients.” That’s important to a lot of people these days. The products are popular and people seem to think that the products give you value for money.

The Zurvita MLM Opportunity

Zurvita is only sold through their Independent Consultants making their purchases exclusive for the most part. I did find that you could buy some of the products on Amazon and the prices are around the same price. But you are not actually buying from Amazon. You are buying from a company called IServe based in Utah.

Signing up with Zurvita means that you are in the business of recruiting. If you have a wide network of friends and family and feel that you are an outgoing person, this opportunity may be of interest to you.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Zurvita

To get started with Zurvita, you’ll need to purchase a starter kit. These kits range from $139.95 all the way up to $549.95. The minimum starter pack, called the Express Pak contains two Zeal canisters, 24 Zeal single-serving bottles and one shaker cup. So to make your money back, you’ll need to sell at least three Zeal canisters at $54.95 each.

Can You Make Money With Zurvita?

According to their Youtube video, there are three stages to making money with Zurvita.

30 Days Program: this program has you start off by finding three customers. If you can get three customers, your Zeal product for the following month is free. You’ll also get a free website, your back office, mobile app, and success on demand. recruit 2 recruits and then duplicate that. If you can get three customers, your products are free. So this is to help you get started by providing all the tools you need for free if you can find three customers.

All-Star Program: If your first three customers sign up and buy a loyalty pack, you’ll earn $30 for each loyalty pack. If they renew the following month, you’ll earn an additional $50 Customer Loyalty Renewal Bonus. So if you signed up 10 new customers who also buy a loyalty pack, you’ll earn $300. If they renew the following month you can earn $500.

Team Bonuses Program: this is where you start recruiting consultants to build your business with a downline. This is usually difficult so they only ask that you start by recruiting two. The more people you can recruit, the more money you can make.

I watched the full 10-minute video and there was no mention really of selling products. It was all about recruiting more consultants and building a team. And by building a team, you earn more and more commissions.



Zurvita products are exclusively sold through Independent Consultants. Also, in order to become an Independent Consultant, you must be sponsored by an existing consultant.

Money-back Guarantee

All products come with a 30-day money back guarantee. For any returned products from customers or consultants, shipping must be pre-paid and it is recommended that you use a company that can track packages such as Fedex or UPS. Zurvita takes no responsibility for the loss of any returned packages.

Buyback Program

Should you decide to quit being an Independent Consultant, Zurvita will buy back any unused products providing they have not expired and are in resalable condition. The Independent Consultant pays for any shipping costs to return products.


Products Have No FDA Approval

None of these products have been approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration).

Products Are Not Organic

The company claims that the ingredients are naturally sourced which would lead you to believe that they must be organic but these are not organic products.

Subscriptions Could Be a Tough Sell 

In order for your customers to continue to buy products, they must have a subscription that renews each month. This could be a tough sell no matter how great the products are.

Zurvita Amazon Product Review

Misleading Clinical Trial Information

There is information regarding a clinical trial that was done on the product Zeal which indicates that the product did indeed reduce stress levels and improve the moods of many of the participants. But when you see the phrase “clinical trial” you usually presume that the study was unbiased. As far as I can tell, this study was performed by Zurvita so they have a stake in it’s outcome so it may not leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

False Income Claims

According to Truth In Advertising, Zurvita was cited as misrepresenting the amount of money an Independent Consultant can make.

Is Zurvita Worth Joining?

One thing I found most disappointing is that while these products seem like great health products, the focus was more on recruitment than selling products. The fact that the company misrepresented income potential to recruits makes me uneasy as well.

But this is what MLMs are all about, right? Promising you the moon and the stars only to find out you are left out of pocket most of the time.

Final Thoughts

Trying to make money with MLMs like this will probably leave you feeling worn out and disheartened. No company is perfect but misrepresenting your income potential, a biased clinical trial, and non-FDA approved products means that this could be a tough sell.

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  1. Hello Jay, Your suggestion and guide on Zurvita is very helpful for everyone. While reading I know that lots of people dream about having a more flexible lifestyle where they can make money from home on their own schedule. The reason people dream about it is because there are people out there that are actually making that happen for themselves. Now I doing it via wealthy affiliate and getting awesome results while watching your guide.

  2. There are a lot of these kinds of product and you have to choose it carefully but i think this one is the best one to choose but it a little bit expensive and i think if you need good product you need  to spend more money on it in order getting a good result in the end it depend on us to what we choose but choosing something that doesn’t effect our health in a bad way.

  3. Hello Jay,

    As we all know Multi Level Marketing is one of the popular type of online business,I have worked with some MLM companies over the years and I this the I have encountered a lot of scams and also some good ones too,For me Zurvita is not worth giving a trial but I have to tell that I am not sure one can make some good form this company as there products has a lot of limitations attached….

  4. Hi, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. Zurvita is a great product and I know two people who have engaged its use with positive result. However I do not like it as an MLM. The workload is too much for small results

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing this review about Zurvita MLM.  I have created my first website and here I want to promote different healthy supplements and earn some passive income from this commission. I saw that Zurvita assumes the type of MLM business and I have no knowledge about it. Because my site is created through an affiliate marketing program do you think I could use Zorvita’s products and promote them as an affiliate?
    By the way, I saw that your number one recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. Even here I am a member and I think it is the largest affiliate marketing platform and everyone who wants to have their own business to earn money online and become successful entrepreneurs must register here.

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